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(Rear Row) Jim Griffiths, Davey Morrison, John Hegarty, John Middleton, Mick Phillips, Rebecca Phillips. ( Front Row ) Noel Beatty, Simon Abbott, Karen Abbott, Geoff Dibblee, Martin Mynes.
Royal British Legion Paderborn Branch Darts Marathon (by Simon Hogben)
The Paderborn branch of The Royal British Legion is always looking for new and interesting ways to raise funds for its Annual Poppy Appeal and therefore last year asked it’s members to suggest something different for the year 2009 in the way of fund raising. Geoff Dibblee, one of the Branch's longest serving members suggested a 24 hour darts Marathon to be held on 13 and 14 February 2009 to start at 10pm on the 13th and to finish exactly 24 hours later. Everyone present agreed it was a very good idea and Geoff was tasked with the organisation and running the event. The event was well advertised and publicised, posters and sponsorship forms were distributed throughout the Garrison. The event was advertised on our own web site and also announced on BFBS radio. The event started on time but players had to be flexible as some of the appointed team did not turn up due to weather conditions. On the whole the event ran smoothly with the main body of players carrying on throughout the long drawn out night. The players' strengths were kept up with a good supply of both food and plenty of varying drinks. Some of the team grabbed a quick forty winks whilst sitting, or on the benches and tables in the Branch. As dawn came and everyone had eaten breakfast they were once again refreshed to carry on with the task. During the day of the 14th February the Royal British Legion District of Germany Chairman, Steve Reid visited the branch and observed the event taking place. He seemed to be impressed with the Branch's efforts. The hours went by one by one but time seemed to drag on more and more as the event was nearing its conclusion. Various spectators and participants turned up throughout the course of the day to support the darts players. In the evening those who wanted to could have a sing song on the Karaoke or watch the international Rugby being played that day. All in all the event was deemed a great success with the players achieving the none stop 24 hour Darts Marathon target and by doing so raising over €1200 for the Poppy Appeal Benevolent Fund. A big thank you goes out to all those who contributed in any way whatsoever to making this event into a great success.
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