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SETTLING IN GERMANY AFTER LEAVING THE ARMED FORCES Introduction The Beginning Terms of Service (22 years Army) Child Benefit German Language Local Registration Civilian Vetting Medical Cover Vehicles Documentation Royal British Legion GEZ - TV Licence War pension Tax Class Local Registration                       Introduction Many thanks to Guido Bott for compiling this Document. Its aim is to provide an aid memoir for those who wish to settle in Germany on leaving the Armed Forces. Guido has based it on his own experience of resettlement in 2006. Legislation in Germany changes regularly and may differ in different states; it is therefore possible that statements in this Document may be incorrect in the future; if you notice this to be the case when you plan your resettlement, please inform me by e-mail or telephone +49 (0)5250 937328 so that we can amend the Document. Robert Millar, Hon Sec, Royal British Legion Paderborn The Beginning When you have 2 years left to serve, you must report to your Unit Resettlement Officer and apply for; Registration for re settlement services — MOD form 1173. You should receive your book entitled "Bridging the Gap" this will hold all the information that you require to start resettlement; it gives a list of all your current entitlements claims GRT etc. Then you should ask for an interview with your IERO. This interview would get you started in organising your re settlement courses. It is then up to you to organise the rest of your courses with the relevant paperwork. Top tip, plan ahead with the Regimental Forecast of Events in mind as your needs will come second to the Regiments. Just because you want to book a course, doesn't mean you'll get it. Be aware of the FOE. It is at this point that you and your family must now come first. You have given the best part of your life to Queen and country, now it's payback time. Your superiors may not be in a position to help you, you are on your own, and you now need to concentrate on you and the future. Your service does not give you any entitlements in Civvy Street.   Terms of service for those who've served 22 years with the colours (Army) You will need to check your terms of service, do this with your service record, and check that the enlistment date and the discharge date make a total of 22 years (if serving the full notice engagement), if they do not this will have an effect on your pension. Should the dates not match you will need to apply for an Amendment to terms of service on AF B2694. Your Sub-Unit clerk will be able to do this for you. It's not just detention terms that matter; there is the time from when you actually sign on to when you start basic training. Inland Revenue The taxman is next, write to the address below and inform him of your intentions to leave the HM Forces and stay in Germany. He in turn will write to you and tell you your pension forecast, and what payments and how to make these to ensure you receive your full entitlement at retirement age. This information is also available in Braille, audiotape and large print.   Centre for non-residents: Room BP1301 Benton park view Newcastle upon Tyne NE98 1ZZ United Kingdom TEL; +44 (0)191 2257520 www.inlandrevenue.gov.uk  When you receive your P45 you need to send parts 3 and 4, to: South Wales Area Service Ty Glas Lianishen Cardiff CF14 5YA. UK You need to ensure that you tell them that the only taxable income you have in the UK is your pension. So you need to be taxed at the personal rate and not the basic rate. Once you receive your P60 this needs to be sent off to get a tax return, the first address in this section. Child Benefits Ring the child benefits office UK and tell them of your intentions to stay in Germany after you leave the H M Forces, as you will have to get the full German rate which is more than the UK. Apply through your local Familienkasse. German Language The easiest way to satisfy your next employer, should he be German, is to get yourself the German language certificate (Zertifikat Deutsch). The exam can be taken at your local VHS the cost as at 2006 was 130 euros. Basic German courses can be taken at the VHS; they will ensure a pass with your exam. Local Registration Once you have started your resettlement you will need to register with the Local council if you have not already done so. This will allow you to apply for the vetting and you will receive paperwork back for living and working in Germany, as at 2006 the cost is €15. You can register at the Stadt "Einwohnermeldeamt" your local council office. Civilian Vetting Some German employers may ask for a vetting certificate. This is easily obtained from your local council office, " Führungszeugnis, Der Generalbundesanwalt" the cost is €25 and will take approximately 2 weeks, so there is no need to apply for this until you start applying for work. Medical Cover If there is a period of unemployment from leaving H M Forces to starting work, you must ensure that you get medical cover, if you try to go onto the family medical insurance, then your HM Forces pension may be taken into account as an income and the whole thing gets complicated. Depending on your circumstance another option is to apply for medical cover from the UK. You will be applying for E106 medical cover whilst looking for work in another EU country, and arrangements will be made with the AOK: telephone: +44 (0)191218 1999, fax :+44 (0)191218 7376 one month before your discharge date; i.e. once you start your terminal leave. They will only give you cover once H M Forces have stopped paying you. They will require a copy of your last pay statement, proof of discharge date (Terms of service) and civilian address details in Germany (where you will be living). Ensure that you have your E111 NHS card, as you may need this for a few days whilst waiting for paperwork. Vehicles Deregistration and registration from BFG to FRG for your vehicles can be an arduous task, the only advice for this would be to ensure you get the form 38 for all your vehicles in plenty of time. You may have to pay tax on any vehicle that you are bringing onto the German net. Documentation Read everything you are given, you may not think that it is of any use to you but you may be surprised. It will cost you nothing to read it but may well cost you for not reading it. Royal British Legion Do join your local branch; there are plenty of people to talk to, don't forget they all have done what you are about to do. This Organisation will be your biggest up to date pool of knowledge, and excellent for networking. GEZ While serving you are exempt from purchasing a TV/Radio license. This is not the case when you are discharged. If you don't have a licence, the GEZ will find out from the military, who are obliged to inform them of service personnel settling in Germany. Once they know they will back date it and may also fine you in addition. War Pension If you have suffered an injury whilst serving you may be entitled to a war pension on leaving the HM Forces. The easiest way to do this is to apply through the Royal British Legion. They will process your claim, and offer advice. They are there to help you, and they don't have any boxes awaiting ticks. After your final medical, ensure you obtain permission to photocopy your med docs and receive a printout of all electronic data with your name on. You may need some of that information whilst claiming for a war pension. Remember when you joined H M Forces you were fit. Tax Class Lohnsteuerkarte, this is your tax classification, which you should apply for during your termination leave. You need to ensure that you have received the correct tax classification before you start to live and work on the German economy. You can apply  for your Lohnsteuerkarte from the same establishment where you applied to register to live in Germany at no charge. Local Registration If you wish to apply for local release to work in your last six months then you need to apply to: Headquarters United Kingdom Support Command (Germany) GI Branch BFPO 140 You will need to go through your unit to ensure that they are willing to let you go.
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